Our Breeding Program

Discover the Big Swamp Retrievers difference with our exceptional breeding program, dedicated to producing healthy, well-tempered, and intelligent hunting companions for a lifetime of adventure.

Rooted in Excellence

At Big Swamp Retrievers, our breeding program is rooted in a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every dog we breed meets the highest standards in health, temperament, and hunting prowess. We carefully select our breeding stock from proven working lines, emphasizing genetic diversity and outstanding physical and mental traits. Our 1,400-acre farm in North Carolina provides an ideal setting to breed and raise our dogs, allowing them to thrive in a natural, spacious environment. Our goal is to provide you with a loyal, intelligent, and versatile hunting companion that will not only excel in the field but also be a loving and valued family member.

1,400 acres in the heart of North Carolina
Committed to the highest standards
Expert hunters and dog breeders

Quality is at the Heart

Our puppies are born and raised in a nurturing environment on our expansive farm, where they receive ample socialization and early exposure to various stimuli, setting the foundation for success in their future training and hunting endeavors. From their first moments, we prioritize their health and well-being, providing regular veterinary care, up-to-date vaccinations, and microchipping for added security. We stand behind the quality of our dogs and offer a comprehensive health guarantee, ensuring that your new hunting partner is ready for a lifetime of adventures by your side.

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Experience the difference and embark on a journey with a canine companion that's expertly bred, trained, and tailored to exceed your expectations.